Instructions for activating codes for the Tibia game:

1. In order to activate the code, log in to your account on
2. Enter the code you received on the following page:
3. In the next step the activation of the code will be confirmed.

Instructions for activating codes for the TibiaME game:

1. In order to activate the code, go to the official TibiaME website at the link below and enter the code you received, as well as the world number and the name of the character to which the content from the purchased code should be assigned
2. In the next step the entered data will be confirmed and the code will be added to the given character.

What is an electronic license (ESD)?

It's a way of releasing products that allows you to go through the entire process of purchasing a game or software online, from purchasing to downloading from an official source, to installing and using it. Our company specializes in this form of distribution - all our products are ESD licensed. This also means that you cannot buy traditional boxed editions with postal delivery.

How can I be sure that I will receive an official and legal activation code?

We are one of the few official resellers of Cipsoft (producer and publisher of Tibia and TibiaME games), which guarantees the original source of our products. This can be easily checked on the official website For security reasons, we recommend that you use only official resellers!

I paid for my order, when will I receive the activation code?

The order is processed automatically when the payment is registered. However, how quickly the payment is registered depends on the way it was made - for example, in the case of online payments, it usually takes a few minutes.

At what time of the day your stuff is online?

Due to the location of our company, we work according to the time in New York. Users can count on our help 7 days a week from early afternoon to late evening.

I ran into a problem with the activation code I purchased, what now?

In case of any problems with the ordered code, please contact us immediately via the contact form or Live Chat. The problem may be with the configuration of the computer hardware, the publisher's servers or a human mistake. Unfortunately, mistakes happen to the best, but we try to react quickly and effectively in such cases.