Refund Policy:



Due to a very specific nature of the products sold by us, returns are generally not allowed, however under the exceptional circumstances a return could be accepted provided that a licence has not been activated. You can be eligible for a refund only if the licence is resold and a new customer confirms that it works.


We offer FREE DELIVERY by e-mail.  No DVD or CD will be send by e-mail. Only downloads. We aim to deliver within max. 48h (99% of orders we execute in a few hours). 

Technical problems

We are not responsible for any problems with hardware and software with games, software and pre-paid cards.

If you have any problems with hardware and software, please feel free to contact  software developer or game / software distributor.

While making a purchase a Purchaser (Consumer) shall agree to have an obligation fulfilled at the moment of submitting by an automated system a purchased digital product at the e-mail address what at the same time makes impossible to withdraw from an Agreement. All mailings are registered by us and at a Client’s request we can precisely determine at what time and at what e-mail address an e-mail has been submitted (or at a Purchaser’s request submit the e-mail again).

Description of Complaint Handling Procedure

A Purchaser can lodge complaints against a Seller which are related to the concluded Agreement sending them at support [at] A correctly lodged complaint shall include at least the following information:

-       Name, last name, address, e-mail address of a Purchaser;

-       A date of concluding an Agreement which is a base of lodging a complaint;

-       A claim subject and an indication of the Purchaser’s request;

-       A description of all circumstances which justify a complaint.

If data or information provided in a complaint require to be completed, a Seller before adjusting the complaint addresses a person who has lodged the complaint to complete it within an indicated scope.

The Seller adjusts a complaint within 14 days from a day when the Seller has received it in the proper form. A response to the complaint is submitted at the e-mail address entered by the Purchaser or at the traditional mailing address.

Consumer’s Right of Withdrawal from the Agreement

A Purchaser (Consumer) is entitled to withdraw from the Agreement without giving any specific reason,  within 14 days from receiving a purchased item or – in the case of services – concluding an agreement. In such a case a Seller shall be obliged to return all payments made to the Seller’s benefit by a Purchaser.

In order to withdraw from an Agreement concluded with the store, You shall make an appropriate declaration of will addressed to the Seller while writing at the e-mail address: support [at] 

No Right of Withdrawal from the Agreement

A Purchaser (Consumer) shall not be entitled to withdraw from the Purchase Agreement concluded in the store with regard to agreements:

-       on delivering digital contents which are not recorded on the physical medium, if a fulfilment of an obligation/a download has begun before the expiry of the term to withdraw an agreement provided that informed the Customer about the expiry of the right of withdrawal from the agreement.

Non-Judicial Methods of Adjusting Claims and Claiming Compensations and an Access to These Procedures

Any Purchaser who is a Consumer shall have a possibility to apply for a non-judicial method of adjusting complaints and claiming compensations in the Permanent Consumer Arbitration Court which operates with the Provincial Inspector of Commercial Inspection in [X]. Information on the access to the above mentioned method and procedures of settling disputes can be found at the following address:, under the tab “Settling Consumer Disputes”.