What is an ESD license ?

Most games and programs published nowadays is available in a digital version. Buying a CD-key or a pin code with a delivery at your e-mail address is a very simple and transparent solution. While activating a received code You acquire the ESD license (Electronic Software Download) to Your product. You can download it from the official services like Steam, Origin, Uplay, Battle.net and others. There is no need to provide DVDs or any physical items.

How can I be sure that I will receive an official and legal activation key ?

We cooperate only the official game distributors and publishers both from the U.S.A., and Europe (including Poland). Additionally, thousands of positive comments posted within a period of more than 8 years is a great evidence of our impeccable reputation.

I have paid for a purchased game. When will I receive an activation key ?

A realization of the order depends on a manner of payment and its verification – from a few minutes when it comes to an electronic bank transfer or payment though PayPal system up to a few days in the case of a money order made at the Post Office. Usually an order is executed automatically at the moment of recording a payment, even without participation of the store customer service. 

What are the working hours of the store customer service ?

Due to a location of our firm we work according to the new York time zone. We provide assistance to our users 7 days per week from the early afternoon up to a late evening.

Problems with a purchased activation key :

 First of all, please do not panic. In the case of any problems with an ordered activation key, please do contact us without undue delay. The problem can result from a configuration of the hardware, publisher servers or a human error. Unfortunately, even the best make errors, but we strive to react fast and efficiently in such cases. In the exceptional situations we may ask You to provide Your access data to Your account on the digital distribution platform in order to verify a problem on our computers. Alternatively, in the event of the complex problems we use, for a Purchaser convenience, a remote access, for instance via Teamviewer.